hello friends! as we know, after the endgame MCU’s phase 3 was ended, phase 4 brings us not only movies but also t.v. shows as well, which will also give a detailed account of the origin of an upcoming important character from marvel like miss marvel, cate bishop, moon knight, she-hulk, etc. so there are upcoming MCU shows in phase 4

and the story some old and important characters will also be told in detail like Loki, Wonda, hawkeye Groot, etc

Wonda-vision and falcon and the winter soldier  was already released there are more awesome and exited showed are coming


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Upcoming MCU Shows in Phase 4

marvelCenemetriceUnivers’s 1 show released on Disney plus Hotstar on 15 January 2021. the show proved to be very successful and popular. after Dr. strange, the show was successful in bringing marvel’s magic side to the audience.

this show’s story starts 3 weeks after avengers endgame Wonda and vision had decided before infinity war that they would live in a city named west view, for this they had bought a plot there.

but the S.W.O.R.D refuses to give vision’s body, unhappy with this, Wonda goes to west view and controls the entire city with its Kios magic and create her own world. this is where the story begins. with the mean villain Agatha Harkness.

this was the main plot of the show



Falcon and the winter soldier

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Upcoming MCU Shows in Phase 4after Wonda-vision the 2 MCU show the  Falcon and the winter soldier was released on 19 March 2021.

this story starts 6 months after the Avengers endgame.

after the endgame, we saw the captain give his shield to sam but sam is afraid to pick up the shield. so he handed that Shield to the government and the other side Bocky who was hydra’s agent was pardoned by the government for helping him in the endgame but the quest was that he had to come to the psychologist meanwhile,

a group named flag smashers starts committing thefts all over the city and opposes the government. the leader of this group was Karli Morgenthau.

then the government brings in a new Captain America (john walker)  for him and that’s where the story goes and john later becomes a villain named U.S. agent.




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Upcoming MCU Shows in Phase 4


god of mischief Loki got its own series. when Loki disappears with tesseract in the endgame, TVA’s timekeepers catch him, and later on, a lot of timelines become.

in this series, we will get to see different forms of Loki in different timelines and lots of time travel. this series has been released on 9 June 2021. 

and this is upcoming MCU shows in phase 4





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uociming mcu shows in phase4


hawkeye is an upcoming MCU show that will release In 2021. the show will bring hawkeye’s origin to the audience and its journey after the endgame, it will also show the journey of kate bishop to become a superhero.

in the comics, kate bishop becomes the new leader of the young avengers

mean villain in this series is Ivan Banionis.






Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

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Upcoming MCU Shows in Phase 4


ms. marvel is an upcoming marvel show that will release In 2021. this show is based on the journey of teenage girl Kamala khan to become a superhero.

and she will join the young avengers and the new avenger team in the future

and also she will appear in The Marvels ( captain marvel 2 ) movie. in this series we will see a lot of Asian actors in MCU.





What if

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Upcoming MCU Shows in Phase 4what if is an upcoming animated series based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. It explores what would happen if major moments from the films of the MCU  occurred differently

the series will release in August 2021.  in the comics what if series became very popular among the audience.

which proved the audience’s different thoughts and imagination to be true. and we are about to see something so exciting and unbelievable in the MCU’s what if series.




Armor Wars

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upcoming mcu shows in phase 4


armor wars are the upcoming MCU show. in this show, we will see lots of ironman armor (suits) and also we will know more about the war machine’s origin.

this series is based on James Rhodes as a war machine who must face what happens when Tony Stark’s(iron man) technology falls into the wrong hands. and maybe we will see a new ironman in this series

with the same name armor wars is also exist in the comics the 7 issue ironman story but in the MCU its must be different.





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this is upcoming MCU series based on new marvel character Jennifer Walters’s  (she hulk) origin story played by Tatiana Maslany

in this series we will see Hulk( Bruce Banner) in rock, the Abomination is back, and also the leader

she hulk is a very strong character and also the avengers’ team member, she is a lawyer in her personal life







Moon knight


Upcoming MCU Shows in Phase 4



moon knight is an upcoming MCU show based on marvel character moon knight’s origin story and his MCU  appearance  played by Oscar Isaac

the character was joined by many teams in marvel comics like secret avengers, defenders, midnight sons, etc.






secret invasion

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Upcoming MCU Shows in Phase 4


this upcoming MCU show is about Bendi’s comic ever tells the story of the Skrulls’ attempted invasion and conquest of the earth. using their shapeshifting abilities, Skrulls take the form and identity of innumerous earthlings

with nick fury and more marvel characters, this series will release in 2022.




I’m Groot

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upcoming mcu shows in phase4this show is all about Groot’s origin and also his future in MCU the character played by Vin diesel.

in this show we will see Groot’s home planet ‘planet X’, Groot is from a rare species of tree people named Groot.



Iron Heart

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the iron heart is an upcoming MCU show based on the story of  marvel character RiRi Williams played by Dominique Thorne

 this is the upcoming MCU shows in phase 4. which of these are you most excited about, tell me in the comments
and you want to know about upcoming marvel teams please check out new marvel teams that are  coming to the MCU 

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