hello friends! as we know, after the endgame MCU’s phase 3 was ended, phase 4 brings us not only movies but also t.v. shows as well. so to understand the timeline and the story ahead, we have to watch both the shows and the movies. so this is an upcoming MCU movies in phase 4.

in phase 4, we will get to see the sequel as well as the back story and prequel of some of the characters, and there will be lots of new characters introduced too like Guardian, the externals, lady thor, etc.


Black Widow

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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4

the Black Widow movies will release on 9 July 2021. in the endgame, we saw Natasha Romanoff sacrifices herself for the soul stone and doesn’t get a good tribute or ending.

but in the upcoming Black Widow movie, we will get to see Natasha’s origin as well as a deserving tribute and ending to her character. and her back story.

the main villain in this movie is the taskmaster, and also the supporting character is the red guardian, Yelena Belova(black widow), Melina Bostocoff (black widow), Dreykov, etc.

with this film, the winter guard( Russian version of Avengers) is coming to MCU


The Eternals

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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4

The Eternals is the upcoming  MCU movie in phase 4, which will release on November 5, 2021. they are a team of super-powered immortal alien warriors created by the cosmic engineers recognized as celestials they have been despatched to earth to defend humankind from the deviants.

and we will get to know where the Eternals were for these years and why they didn’t come to help the Avengers. in this movie we will get to see characters from many countries of the world.

The main villain in this movie is Kro.


Shang-Chi and The Legends of the Ten Ring

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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4



Shang-chi is the upcoming MCU movie that will release on 3 September 2021 and also Shang chi is the first Asian superhero character in MCU.

the main villain in this movie is Mandarin, and also the hulk’s villain abomination is backing MCU  after 13 years. the supporting characters are Katy, wong, Jiang non, death dealer, great protector, etc.

dragons, ancient animals,  and Asian martial art this movie is superb



Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4

The most awaited marvel movie Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness will release on 23 March 2022.

and finally, we will see the multiverse of marvel in this movie. Marvel’s Magic sight and Hell world will also be thoroughly explored in this movie and the best part of the movie is the horror and scary scenes

this movie is directly connected with marvel show Wonda-vision,

with doctor strange, wong, scarlet witch, Miss America, and many more surprising characters, this movie is amazing. the main villain in this movie is not official



Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4

Ant-man and the Wasp’s sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will release on 17 Fabuarary 2023 with the sci-fi, Quantum universe and so much time travel this movie is superb

the main villain in this movie is Kang the conqueror and the other character is Wasp, Cessi lang, DR. Bill foster, etc.

the movie is based on so much time travel and the quantum universe


Spider-Man No Way Home.

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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4

spiderman no way home is the 3 film of sony-marvel spiderman, will release on 17 December 2021

the audience is so excited about this movie because according to rumors, this movie is going to be like the spider-verse. and Doctor strange and daredevil is already in this movie with so many villains’ like electro,  DR. octopus, the green goblin, vulture, rhino, scorpion, and maybe Mysterio

this villain is going to make a team named sinister six in MCU’s future.

also, it will be very exciting to see what happens after peter’s identity is revealed in spiderman far from home.



Thor Love and Thunder 

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the movie will release on 6 May 2022. thor left with the guardians of the galaxy after the endgame. what happened after that and what Asgardians of the galaxy did, will be seen in the movie.

and also the story of lady thor(jane foster) with the return of thor’s hammer named Mjollnir.

the main villain of the movie is Gorr the God Butcher. and the other characters are Valkyrie, Sif, Korg, etc.



Black Panther Wakanda Forever

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Black Panther Wakanda forever will release in July 2022.

after Chadwick Boseman’s death, nobody knows who will play the T’challa’s role. in this movie, marvel give a tribute to Chadwick Boseman

we will see Shuri, Okoye, and other characters return in these movies

Black Panther Wakanda Forever in upcoming MCU movies in phase 4




The Marvels 

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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4


Captain Marvel 2  sequel The Marvels starring Brie Larson (captain marvel) will release on 8 July 2022.

with Captain Marvel, miss marvel, Monica Rambo, and maybe blue marvel too this movie going to make a new marvel team named the marvels. and also explore more cosmic sight in MCU

the main villain in this movie is not be official




guardians of the galaxy vol 3

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the cosmic Avenger team Guardians of the galaxy’s 3 movies will release on 5 May 2023. thor left with the guardians of the galaxy after the endgame but we don’t know if thor will be seen in Guardians of the galaxy vol 3 as thor love and thunder is releasing before this movie, maybe not? lates see what heppense in GOTG-3.

according to rumors, Adam Warlock appears In this movie and his best usage in the MCU now is as a villain in GOTGV-3, maybe some new characters appear as well





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Upcoming MCU Movies in Phase 4

finally, we will see Blade in MCU and this is the first vampire movie in MCU as well ( Morbius is the sony-marvel movie). the blade is a very popular character of marvel, as well as its last few films, were also very popular and now here’s going to be a part of the marvel cinematic universe and share screen with other MCU characters.

The blade is a vampire who appeared with many supernatural characters like the wolfman, midnight sons, Morbius, etc in marvel comics and now that he’s coming to the MCU, the marvel supernatural site and hell site will be explored more thoroughly in this movie.



Fantastic Four 

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Fantastic four rights back to marvel after Fox studios-Disney deal. and it will be interesting to see how marvel reboots Fantastic four and introduce in the MCU. after F4 we are waiting and excited to X man’s in the MCU

the movie will release in mid-summer 2023. after Guardians of the galaxy vol 3 (5th May 2023) and this is the last movie of phase 4, after this movie phase 5 will begin.




so this is an upcoming MCU movies in phase 4

which were your favorite and for which one you are more excited comment me

and to know about MCU T.V. shows to check out upcoming MCU shows in phase 4

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