howdy, guys these days we’re counting down our choices for the pinnacle 20 best emotional and memorable Korean drama series. um for this listing we will be searching at the most memorable emotional and binge-worthy Korean dramas we will be discussing plots so be warned there might also be spoilers ahead

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20. suspicious partner(2017)

 best memorable and emotional Korean drama


the suspicious partner would possibly now not be as immediately recognizable as the different dramas on this listing however it is nonetheless a must-watch whilst sure the major couple prosecutor Noji Wuk and trainee Yoonbong he is actually a pair we can root for this drama additionally has an awesome helping solid and plot what’s up then.
each actor deftly performs their phase flawlessly from the tremendously likable antagonists and killers Taji Wuk’s smart and headstrong ex-girlfriend chai Yoo-jong part thriller, part comedy, part romance there may be something for all of us in this drama.


19. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (2010)

Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama you must watch


although this drama got here out in 2010 it is nonetheless as heartwarming now as it used to be when it was once beginning launched our male protagonist chad wong is spoiled however well-meaning his existence grows to become upside down as soon as he stumbles into a temple and meets the lovely however eccentric Gumiho a legendary nine-tailed fox who affords us a stunning younger lady.
            even though they get off to a particularly rocky begin their relationship finally blossoms into a romance, however, their time collectively is unluckily restricted this drama is the epitome of lovely with a sprint of fantasies sprinkled in.


18.Pinocchio (2014)


one of the most compelling elements of Pinocchio is its generally heart-wrenching exploration of a variety of human relationships ranging from platonic to romantic. choir dal-PO and Choi in ha each turn out to be journalists with complicated emotions toward their families.
 the two slowly and nearly unintentionally developed emotions in the direction of every different in a way that feels herbal and unstaged in reality most of the plot felt as although it flowed flawlessly the sequencing and pacing had been properly deliberate and the writers simply knew how to draw in their target audience due to the fact each episode was once stuffed with laughter tears and drama.


17. Playful Kiss(2010)


based on the chaotic relationship of college students Ohani and Teksung joe this series kicked off with one heck of an insult there the next day with the two leads of playful kiss apparently opposites they examine to recognize and assist every different as soon as an earthquake brings their households in shut proximity then via training and the turmoil of others a genuine romance.
more develops one greater time given the excessive faculty to university narrative and the blossoming intelligence of each Jung-so-min and Kim Hyun-jong playful kiss connects on a grand scale it is a light-hearted drama and the inherent naughtiness makes it even more.


16. Coffee Prince(2007)


for 17 episodes this dramedy investigated how exterior perceptions can have an effect on one’s internal facts and extra particularly homosexuality in Korean lifestyle fed up with grandma’s nitpicking and conflicted about a former flame Chauhan Kul finds refuge at the coffee prince and he even hires a worker to be properly his boyfriend wasn’t your dog,
but there may be a capture and the fact is that go Yun-chan is not homosexual at all however is simply a woman who’s perceived to be extra masculine than she truly is  and so the two examine how to cope with their emotions and societal pressures filmed on vicinity in Seoul espresso prince earned several accolades together with the


excellence award for each leads at the 2007 NBC drama awards.


15. Strong Girl Bong-soon(2017)


Dobong quickly proves that you can by no means decide a book through its cowl bong soon quickly is a tremendous lead because she no longer solely possesses bodily electricity however intellectual energy as properly.
she’s some distance cry from the stereotypical meek and naive damsel in misery her chemistry with the male lead on Minhyuk is plain and it is what makes observing the two of them work collectively at some stage in the drama is so fun as the two work collectively to song down a kidnapper they locate themselves inadvertently turning into nearer this drama flawlessly mixes the pair’s darkish mission with their lovable budding relationship


14. You’re Beautiful(2009)

Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama you must watch


building on the theme of sexual anxiety this Korean musical rom-com drama focuses on the dynamics of a special k-pop band.  twin siblings that grew up in an orphanage however when the boy twin has a threat at stardom a plastic surgical procedure fail leads to a sister becoming a member of the crew desk by the way hilarity ensue as the new Minam starts to shape new relationships and there may be one unique member Jeremy who has a total lot to analyze about himself and the track enterprise upon creating emotions for the new member airing for sixteen episodes you are stunning grew to become a cult traditional in Korea and beyond


13. Kill Me, Heal ME (2015)

 best memorable and emotional Korean drama


featuring the stars of the 2013 series secret love this heavy drama brilliantly tackles the nature of more than one persona disease (multiple personality disorder) in the lead position as chad Hyun he absolutely performs seven characters incomplete all whilst constructing a relationship with his engaging psychiatrist performed by using Huang jin Yoon oh yeah.
it’s no longer the most basic of love testimonies but the psychological character learn about lets in for a nearer seem to be at what makes the human mind tick and given the aspect narrative of a curious twin brother kill me heal me hits all the proper storyline beats in fact,


the series gained drama of the yr at the 2015 NBC drama awards


 12. Full House(2004)

 best memorable and emotional Korean drama


after a threat stumble upon aboard a plane, a naive lady named Ji Yoon by accident vomits on an everyday actor and this is the inciting incident of the heartwarming narrative of the full residence regardless of the plane fail it turns out the pair share a mutual connection as Ji Yoon’s loved domestic is genuinely bought to the superstar dwelling collectively opening the door for an investigation of movie star lifestyles and the followers that adore them is  Full house has masses of allure however it is the inherent chemistry of the two leads that makes the collection such a pleasure to watch


11. It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014)

in this endearing drama, a novelist by using the identity of zhang Jae Yol has a few obsessive quirks and when it comes to relationships now not many ladies would like to sleep in a bathtub at least in principle however that is Jang Youngr and a practicable romance unfolds as soon as he encounters a physician with some nervousness problems of her very own over the path of sixteen episodes the series.
confronts the realities of psychological issues and the implications for long-term love. offering a tremendous quantity of complicated subplots it is k this is love identifies private voids cuts open the characters wounds and tries to locate some decision and the sequence gets the job finished with the aid of way of its captivating leads jo Insung and gong Hyo-jin


10. Crash Landing On You(2019-20)


if you’ve ever studied the synopsis of a crash Landing on you, you are aware that the plot and history of this drama is a bit of a rollercoaster experience that definitely ties the entirety collectively to the relationship between fashionista heiress Yoon Se RI and North Korean captain reed Younge hyuk.
while their love is unorthodox they’re the very definition of an energy couple each is independently rich and robust however above all, they care for every difference in a way that transcends turbulent activities and geographical boundaries come on. extra than simply a romantic comedy crash Landing on you is a combination of fable realism drama and motion that grips viewer’s hearts and imaginations.


9. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama you must watch


if you love historic dramas this one’s for you even if you are now not large in Korean history you are positive to be drawn in by way of the formidable complicated and inviting storyline. nowadays a whole photo voltaic eclipse sends Gohajin a contemporary girl again in time to a wonderful dynasty.  there she will become entangled in romantic emotions toward the amicable prince wang Wuk and later the bloodless prince wang so oh. this drama isn’t always your common happy-go-lucky romance nor is it your common simple plot however it is particularly profitable to watch


8. Descendants of the Sun(2016)

Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama you must watch


can two human beings overcome principal variations to be collectively descendants of the sun examines the extreme relationship between health care professional Kang Moyon and military captain Yusi jin whilst the two locate themselves falling in love they’ve torn aside by using the stark variations in their priorities one fights to shop lives?
while the different is thrown into violence to defend his country? their romance is tumultuous moneymaking and by no means fails to draw the target audience in the 2d leads Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myeong Joo additionally have superb chemistry and a heart-warming will relationship between these two couples there may be in no way a stupid moment


7. Healer (2014-15)


action adventurer thriller and intrigue what greater may want to one ask for healer used to be a bit of a sleeper hit and solely obtained average evaluations at some stage in its preliminary launch alternatively it finally gained over endless followers especially remote places and we can honestly see why healer tells the story of journalists Kim moon ho and Che Jung-sin and an uncommon errand-runner going through
    the codename healer if you are searching for a thriller with an extraordinarily likable fundamental couple this is the drama for you the chemistry between the healer and Che younger shin is delicate however practical in a way that makes hearts flutter


6. The Heirs [aka “The Inheritors”(2013)


winner of most exquisite drama at 2014 Seoul worldwide drama awards this societal find out about explores the perks of inherited wealth and satisfied dwelling then once more the heirs additionally demonstrates how love can be extra effecting than privilege set in each south Korea and the united states
the geographical displacement approves the characters to see special approaches of lifestyles which in flip shines a new mild on their respective household businesses.  with lee min ho main a celebrated forged the heirs thrive with the aid of way of its youthful and once in a while clever characters using infusing some coronary heart into the company backdrop.


5. Legend of the Blue Sea(2016-17)


when you deliver collectively Kdrama powerhouses lee min ho and jun Yihyun you be aware of you have received a blockbuster in your hands. instead than being a slice of lifestyles drama legend of the blue sea tells the complicated however compelling story of mermaid grew to become human shim Cheong and her blossoming relationship with rip-off artist Hyo jun Jae who carefully resembles her previous love pastime she’s virtually my spouse your boy
yes we simply bought married appear she’s carrying a costume their love story is intertwined with testimonies of Korean records and mythology making it a super viewing journey for each these fascinated in romance and fable common this story is one of splendor humor and complexity with notable appearing from the primary leads to cheese


4. My Love From the Star(2013-14)


so you are searching for a South Korean sci-fi sequence huh!

              well, this is one that probably might not disappoint offering one of the extra famous theme songs of the day my love from the famous person small print the exploits of a centuries-old alien. this is an extraterrestrial being that is aware of precisely what he likes and when chin crosses paths with her neighbor Dominjoon
well it is one oh and the subsequent door splendor additionally occurs to be a well-known actress and so cultures conflict in a huge way as the collection takes an alternatively special strategy in confronting idealized love yogis.
even so, the abnormal plot of my love from the megastar works quite properly over 21 episodes and the sequence clearly gained nearly each foremost Korean television award

3.Boys Over Flowers(2009)


          drama investigates what takes place when a no-nonsense girl speaks out towards the elite whilst such conduct may also have exclusive penalties for adults in a company placing young john d abruptly finds herself in a whirlwind romance with the chief of a college team acknowledged as the f4 an extraordinary kind of cinderella story as the academy putting helps
          boys over flowers to tackle society thru nearly grown-up characters.  and so the innate friction of punk rock and intellectual beliefs makes for some severely pleasing tv now not to point out the metrosexual nature of the f4 and its magnetic chief performed via lee min ho come on


2. “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” (2016-17)


for years there have been a collection of hit dramas involving a supernatural male parent and an unassuming however adorable lady protagonist and whilst this drama sincerely suits that class it additionally transcends it.
     some distance from the traditional guardian the lonely and grate god explores the intricate relationship between Kim sheen an immortal being and Ji Yoon Tak a relatively naive however lovely younger lady once more they are at as soon as each star-crossed and fated to be collected this anxiety is what drives the drama and compels viewers. candy healthy scenes are interspersed with excessive make or wreck moments making this drama one that you might not choose to pass over

most emotional and memorable Korean drama

earlier than we unveil our variety one choose right here are some honorable mentions


       Master’s Son (2013)                            Emergency Couple(2014) 

    Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama                      Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama

photo:                                                      photo:

because now and again we simply                                              because this couple was
         favor to get in our feelings..                                                    once supposed to reunite


         Dream High(2011)                                       Reply 1988 (2015-16)              Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama                                          Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama

photo:                                                                                  photo:

because it is brilliant to see how some                                because who does not love nostalgia
the distance these actors have come here


1. Secret Garden (2010-11)

Top 20 best memorable and emotional Korean drama
photo –
for 20 episodes this Korean drama enraptured viewers via its central love story and a most fantastical twist on a figurative stage a decrease category stunt girl named Gilra Im mixes it up with a boastful CEO Kim Joo Won received however their relationship takes a flip when they actually trade our bodies and thinking about the look of Juwan’s superstar cousin named oscar nicely the narrative of the secret backyard goes all into chronicle the personal lives of a number Korean demographics the series connects through basic storytelling but elevates itself with a difficult subplot and delusion impact. The severe accolades earned through the sequence itself and the performer’s secret garden grew to be fundamental viewing backyard of its authentic market.


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