You don’t get thru many years and a long time of publishing loved testimonies besides having a few bizarre ones pop up over the years. As one of the comedian industry’s largest publishers, Marvel has had its truthful share of odd narratives and unusual occurrences in its panels at some stage in its history. And these are testimonies that go past the wackiest of the silver age, that’s for sure. So today,
we’re taking a seem-to-be at some of their most ordinary persona concoctions; the individuals, superhero and supervillain, who have left us a little baffled with their motives, their appearance, or their conduct in general. This is our listing of the top 10 weirdest characters from marvel comics.

10. Howard the Duck

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Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel ComicsStarting off our listing is one of Marvel’s strangest creations that additionally has a cherished following; Howard the Duck.

Howard is an ill-tempered cynical personality trapped on a human-dominated Earth, who in some of his iterations appears an entire lot like Disney’s Donald Duck. Disney truly threatened to sue Marvel over it,
so the comics massive redesigned the personality and gave him a total storyline the place he was once the goal of anti-nudity protests and used to be compelled to work with a failed cartoonist named Wally Sidney.
What makes Howard so loved is the types of tales and topics that his narratives challenge into.

• For an anthropomorphic creature that appears an entire lot like Donald Duck, his memories have a tendency to be pretty existentialist and parodies style fiction.
• As creator Steve Gerber described it, “life’s most serious moments and most highly dumb moments are frequently distinguishable only by way of a short-term factor of view.”
• The live-action movie is possibly an important aspect as to why Howard is regularly perceived as one of Marvel’s strangest creations; as an alternative than depicting a metafictional awareness, the screenwriter for the film, Gloria Katz, had this to say about the course Howard’s story took up on the large screen.
• “It’s a movie about a duck from outer space. It’s no longer supposed to be an existential experience.” Way to taint the character.

9. Hellcow

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Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel ComicsHellow is every other supply of humor on this listing and is possibly the most established for her crew up with Deadpool returned in 2011.

But Hellcow had existed lengthy earlier than then, my friends. Initially acting in Giant-Size Man-Thing difficulty 5 from 1975, Hellcow is historically a foe of Howard the Duck’s. So what’s her deal?

Back in 1675, Hellcow was once simply Bessie the cow, who lived on a Swiss Farm. But that easy existence would quickly be over. Bessie grew to be the prey of Count Dracula, who determined to feast on her blood when he couldn’t discover any close by humans.
Bessie will become an undead monster, rising from her grave three nights after her burial in search of Dracula. Years later, now recognized as Hellcow, Bessie murders 4 farmers in Cleveland, Ohio; a case that Howard the Duck then investigates, and ends with Howard reputedly killing Bessie with the aid of using a stake via her heart.

• She’s later revived by using Doctor Kilgore, who tries to use her milk to remedy his tuberculosis and achieve immortality.
• When that doesn’t work, Kilgore abducts Deadpool, which subsequently fails as well, however brings Deadpool and Hellcow collectively after Deadpool saves her.
• So essentially, Hellcow is an immortal vampire cow who can fly with a cape, disappear into nothingness via taking up the shape of gas, and has even realized how to speak and stroll upright like a human. What’s now not to love? top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel Comics

8. Mojo

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Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel ComicsMojo is one of the greater ridiculous characters in the Marvel universe that makes ideal sense. Typically an X-Men villain who debuted lower back in 1985, Mojo is surprisingly plenty a satirical creation; he lives on a planet he’s named Mojoworld, in a dimension acknowledged as the Mojoverse creates gladiator combat packages that the humans on that world are obsessed with.

• He’s genuinely a corrupt gluttonous tv community government who is pretty actually spineless and is continuously tuned into what’s going on in his shows.
• Plus, because of that total spineless thing, he wishes to use mechanic legs to get around. Mojo’s MO regularly kidnaps heroes from the Marvel Universe and locations them in one of his gladiator warfare suggestions in opposition to their will.
• Did we point out he’s additionally a slaver? Makes sense. He additionally wears a contraption on his head that was once stimulated via the equipment Malcolm McDowell wore in A Clockwork Orange that continues one’s eyelids open constantly. Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel Comics

7. The Asbestos

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Lady Asbestos is utilizing no skill viewed a protected cloth to use, however again in the golden and silver age of comics, numerous villains who fought in opposition to heroes with fire-based powers frequently made us of the substance, to the factor the place their total villain identification used to be based totally round it.

Introducing the Asbestos Lady, who fought both Captain America and the unique human torch in the 40s. Her entire schtick used to be that she used a fireproof swimsuit made of asbestos, which used to be recognized at the time to be super at fireproofing things, from firefighter fits insulation in structures and homes.

The persona would be despatched to prison, however, years later it used to be published that she died due to mesothelioma at the age of 45,

which used to be probably due to long-term asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is an uncommon and enormously aggressive structure of most cancers that asbestos is frequently linked to different respiratory diseases.

All in all, at the time it can also have been regarded as an exquisite gimmick to battle a foe like the Human Torch, however, hindsight is 20/20, and these days it’s effortless to see why the Asbestos Lady has fallen into obscurity.

6. Doctor Bong

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Bong is a Howard the Duck villain, and no, he doesn’t smoke a sh*t ton of weed. He’s genuinely even extra ridiculous than that he’s a personality who genius scientist, but has the moronic thinking to put on a helmet fashioned like a bell. His bell helmet, when struck, creates countless consequences that don’t actually do a total lot.

• Doctor Bong, whose actual identity is Lester, used to be bullied a lot as a kid, and in college, his yellow journalism bought his professor fired. Then, after that, whilst performing with the punk band he was once in, his hand was once severed using a miniature guillotine.
• This is the hand he makes use of to strike the bell on his head. Why he selected a bell in the first area is NEVER ACTUALLY EXPLAINED.
• To make things worse, at one point, the persona receives a bunch of clones. Sort of. He had a crush on an artwork-type mannequin named Beverly Switzler, kidnaps her and Howard the Duck, needs that she marries him or he’ll kill Howard, and throws her into a fort as a prisoner whilst he goes out and fights an escaped Howard.
• Beverly decides to make the most of her time and clones Doctor Bong, growing 5 child clones that she names the Bong Quintuplets and threatens to expose him as a negligent father if he doesn’t launch her and Howard.

He adopts the 4 youngsters and lets Beverly and Howard go.

5. Mandrill

Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel ComicsWhen you assume a mandrill, one of two matters possibly comes to mind. Either the primate, who has managed to get aggressive popularity in pop subculture portrayals of its species OR, you suppose of a man with a drill. Creative. Well,

Marvel’s Mandrill plucks thought from components of each of these things. He’s a villain who is 1/2 man, 1/2 monkey, first, added again in 1973 in Shanna the She-Devil problem four How did this villain come to be?

• Initially, he was once a man named Jerome Beechman, the son of a physicist in New Mexico.
• Before the child’s conception, his physicist father’s facility had an accident, an explosion in its nuclear reactor, which affected each daddy dearest and a cleansing girl with radiation.
• Later, when Jerome was once born, he got here out of the womb with black pores and skin and tufts of physique hair.
• Both dad and mom had been Caucasian. So what does Jerome’s father do? Aside from blatantly hating the child, he takes Jerome out when he’s ten years ancient and abandons him in the New Mexico desert.
• This is when he meets the daughter of the cleaning lady who used to be additionally affected with the aid of the radiation at his father’s facility. She was once born albino white, regardless of each her mother and father are black. The two of them grew to be companions in crime and acquired attacked using a lynch mob, which prompted Mandrill’s powers.
• Which makes zero sense; he had the capability to manage girls with his pheromones. He would later use this to increase women’s armies below his management and take sexual benefit of them as slaves. In addition to this, he used to be a big-time misogynist and even pressured some of his slaves to marry him. the Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel Comics

4. Maggott

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Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel ComicsMaggott is notoriously one of the most unearthly characters to ever come out of Marvel. A superhero who used to be as soon as a section of the X-Men team, upon his debut he used to be even marketed via the enterprise as being one of the strangest X-Men to have ever existed.

• For starters, personality-wise, he’s a flamboyant South African mutant who speaks in exaggerated Afrikaans slang, which, to be fair, ought to probably have made for a virtually fascinating character.
• EXCEPT, here’s the place it receives odd.
His mutation? His digestive gadget is made up of two semi-sentient slugs,
• or as an alternative maggot, that can go away his physique and devour thru noticeably a good deal any substance for meals earlier than returning to him and passing that nourishment on to him.
• Depending on the substance they’ve consumed, they can supercharge their bodily size, strength, and stamina, however, they need to return to the hole cavity in their belly to do so. The slugs have names, too. Many and Meany.


3. M.O.D.O.K

Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel ComicsModok is straight up a large head with limbs. His identity is an acronym for Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing. Although initially, that K was once a C and stood for computing.
So how did this massive noggin come to be?

• Well, in the beginning, he was once a fellow named George Tarleton who, thanks to a random choice by way of the Scientist Supreme of AIM, grew to become a take a look at the concern in a test to bio-engineer a dwelling computer.
• Tarleton used to be experimented and mutated on, ensuing in his head developing big in size, and gaining a few new abilities; superhuman Genius and psionic powers, each of which sooner or later drove him insane.
He grew to become of his superiors, killed the Scientist Supreme, and adopted the title for himself, altering the remaining letter of his code identity from Computing to Killing.
• He tends to use thought manage procedures from time to time, which has led to some particularly uncomfortable moments, like the time he brainwashed Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel into believing he used to be fantastically attractive and then stole a few smooches from her. Yup, gross.Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel Comics

2. Doop

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Doop is a floating inexperienced spheroid creature who speaks in a language of his own. First acting in X-Force vol 1 trouble 116, Doop’s origins are unknown, however, it’s rumored he’s the product of an army scan and used to be instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Union.

So what precisely does Doop do? He can fly, he can heal actual good, he’s acquired superhuman energy and durability, he is bodily malleable, he can replicate bodily objects,
and his physique shops an extra-dimensional void that each object and humans can be saved in.

Needless to say, he’s a peculiar one however has established to be a wonderful supply of humor over the years, in each of the X-Force and X-Statix comics, the latter in which he served as a cameraman for the movie star mutant team, in which he receives in bother for being too inventive of a cinematographer.

1. Ruby Thursday

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Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel ComicsRuby Thursday is possibly one of the most absurd villains to ever grace the pages of Marvel’s comics. She’s a female whose head has been changed with a malleable mass of crimson plastic that consists of natural circuitry. Essentially, she’s acquired a crimson orb for a head and a banging body.

Tits and a globe. It’s very weird. Ruby Thursday, whose real identify is none different than Thursday Rubinstein, the pinnacle of creativity, first seemed in the Defenders difficulty 32 again in 1976.

She’s named after the Rolling Stones music Ruby Tuesday. And her origin? She’s a scientist who DID THIS TO HERSELF after growing a natural pc and grafting it to her head. This natural count number can grow to be whatever she wills it to.
• She can get rid of her head from her physique and manipulate each and purpose her head to explode and then reform like nothing ever happened.
• She can additionally cut back her head down in size; something that was once originally believed to be a creative error in her beforehand appearances,
• but has been chalked up to a tactic that she makes use of to higher ward off attacks. She’s additionally executed a lot of different loopy crap over the years, too.
• She as soon as ran for the President of the United States as a candidate of the Global Head birthday party and used the slogan new heads for old. She robbed Omega the Unknown at a casino, and then when he commenced chasing her,
• she cried wolf and informed the police that he used to be assaulting her in her car, which ensues in the police capturing him to death.

YUP. There we have the Top 10 Weirdest Characters From Marvel Comics, friends! Which of these characters did you locate the weirdest?
And what different Marvel gemstones need to we have stated on our list? Give us a shout in these remarks and let us know!
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