Thai dramas are very popular in the world in few years, Thai drama industry is becoming the biggest television industry in the future. so many peoples love Thai drama like me. so today we counting Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020. these dramas are very popular in 2020 with romance, revenge,  comedy, and many more.

let’s start…


1. My Husband in law

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this romantic comedy is a story about a man who is pressured to marry anyone he is now not attracted to at all muay has a crush on tian who is the son of her adoptive mom however they in no way appears to love him away rather he continually teases her messes with her and from time to time bullies her muay in no way bought indignantly or spoke back to Theon when she acquired bullied due to the fact she cherished him too an awful lot Theon will get concerned with the spouse of a mafia man his existence will be threatened.

to keep away from involvement with them he will reluctantly marry muay as per his mother’s education then again Theon by no means seemed at muay as his lifestyles associate as he desired the best lady as his spouse after marriage muay will shield him she will begin flirting with him to irritate him as the story proceeds a love triangle will be shaped between tian Mui and her colleague we will be in a position to see a jealous theme in 2d 1/2 of the story as muay plans to depart Theon for the reason that she feels he does now not love her Fian stops and imprisons her he will declare his proper as a husband on her.

this drama is an ideal combo of all factors required for entertainment


2. Rahut Rissaya

Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020



Palais the heiress of a billionaire household misplaced the whole thing after her dad and mom dying in a car accident which he later finds out is a conspiracy through her aunt she plans to regain the entirety that she has misplaced and taken revenge on her aunt.

her revenge starts offevolved with marrying a businessman whom her cousin likes she blackmails him to marry her with exclusive files that suggest his father’s horrific deeds as the time passes subsequently they stop up falling in love she started out seeing cost in his love and learns how to forgive


3. Sapai import

Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020



Lisa is a prosperous spoiled lady who back from her research in England to discover her dad and mom have been in debt she plans to work to repay the debt however don’s mom will assist her don is the grandson of a very well-known farm proprietor when don’s grandfather died he conditionally named don as his successor to acquire the farm don has to marry and have a baby inside right here in any other case the farm would be awarded to his cousin brother don’s mom cherished Lisa like a daughter so she pushed them in the direction of marriage

at first, each of them rejected the marriage then don’s mom introduced that she was once going to die quickly so Lisa popular as a signal of gratitude because don and Lisa do not love every different they agreed to faux to be married for six months on the other hand notwithstanding their differing existence nothing may want to cease destiny


4. Roy Leh Marnye

Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020


the pitcher is assured present-day and outgoing CEO lamentably her playboy husband does no longer share her integrity for a long time she hoped he would come to be an excellent and loyal husband however when she realized that he used to be not likely to alternate she pursues a divorce this choice leads pitcher to Rahman a legal professional and her childhood pal whilst Rana is supporting pitcher get a divorce their historical flames of love will reignite


Top 10 most popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020

5. Marn bang Jai



Lada is an incredibly excessive faculty pupil who is very shut with her father on the day of her college sports activities fest her father who used to be on his way to watch her collides with town’s auto and passes away tan is a prosperous widower with a daughter and lives with his brother Tai he guarantees Lada’s father to take care of Lada earlier than he passes away Lada’s stepmother Syphon was once scheming to use Lada as the charge for the money owed she owes to a man who runs playing dens to guard her tan will provide to marry her however Lada will misunderstand him and will scheme with her stepmother to extract cash from him as they stay collectively they will get shut and subsequently falls in love


6. Fah Mee Tawan



this drama is about a younger businessman paul who plans to get lower back topped Eire the agency as soon as owned by using his mom he is decided to take revenge and retrieve the whole thing from the father who deserted him and his mom to stay with his new spouse Netsella and the adopted daughter Nanaka first he chants his stepmother with appears and candy talks and positive factors her have confidence Nenafa who is continuously abused via her stepmother will come to be suspicious of paul she tries all varieties of hints to trap him however fails in the meantime paul discovers his stepmother’s secret lover as sinkhole a depended on the worker of his father he plans to pull out the masks of his stepmother, on the other hand, his empathy and intimacy with Nayanafa will put all his plans at stake


7. Fai Sin Chua

Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020



Orowee and tan are the best couples however they have no teens so they are determined to undertake a boy and a lady the couple separated after tan cheats on her with Wetuda the siblings get separated now not lengthy after they get adopted due to what took place to their parents.

Orowee turns into a profitable businesswoman however is abusive to her daughter and manipulative to guys the adopted siblings nevertheless had contact with each other and Orowee does now not enable her daughter to be related with her ex-husband and her household which include her son she then arranges some distance to be married to ben a handsome man who is a playboy

  ben does now not like some distance however entered the organized marriage due to his family’s economic troubles he will become his mother-in-law’s secret lover however sooner or later finds out how Orowie treats her daughter he takes pity on the furnace and begins to care for her this will make Orowie jealous and she vents her anger on some distance later ways learns ben’s relationship with Orovi and leaves her.


8. Payakorn Sorn Ruk

Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020


rosita receives into a car accident and all at once receives an intelligence the place she sees the future when she touches a rose she will become a well-known fortune teller one day she makes a prediction that Tearette a well-known actor will get concerned with the pregnant ladies this prediction receives tiered into hassle each of them will get into an argument and their relationship will be a stress a few years later on a charity tournament rosita tries to study the future of 5 celebrities inclusive of Tyrad

after that day something bizarre occurs to her she is attacked by anyone and the suspect is one of the 5 celebrities whose fortunes she had examined the largest suspect is Tyrant who had constantly been her opponent however one day he coincidentally saves her from the crook and additionally gives to let her stay with him as it is the most secure area for her because everybody thinks that they are opponents their relationship improves little via little from that day thru many risky conditions as they try to locate the actual crook who desires to kill rosita

Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020


9. So Wayree

Top 10 most Popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020



the parameter is the Solely heiress of the well-known emporium actual property wealthy person earlier than going distant places to in addition her research she will be drugged by using her pal to sleep with an unknown man who is a playboy she receives pregnant and gives a start in us 4 years later she comes again with her twin teenagers however she tells each person that they are her cousins adopted via her aunt she then meets Purim the man who induced her distress and decides to assist her father in the enterprise as he works for their rival Corinne is unaware of her hatred as nicely as him being a father he repents his mistake and needs her returned however Pramida will no longer without problems accept as true with him later Purin will show his loyalty to her and they will begin getting close


10. My Forever Sunshine



after dropping her mother and father hold has to go stay at this residence she is a spoiled infant and will displease absolutely everyone in the beginning then again fifth will deal with her kindly as his sister however payne will begin to like him fifth likes his classmate however could not acquire braveness to confess to her as time goes by way of payne will come to be obsessive of fifth and one day she will falsely accuse him of being her husband fifth receives indignant as no one trusts him and leaves the residence he will get into a automobile accident which will almost value his lifestyles he ends up hating ache to the bones and she will be exiled a ways from domestic for 4 years now paying as a new man or woman and repents her mistake she does no longer desire to come lower back however to preserve her promise to her uncle she decides to continue to be at the farm for one yr fifth and others nevertheless dislike her they will provide her all kinds of problem however she will suffer for fifth’s forgiveness ultimately fifth’s hatred will flip into love however his mom will chase her away you

The top 10 most popular & loved Thai Dramas of 2020 is here, tell me your experience with those dramas in the comments and if I miss something comment

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