Welcome to Moviesvies.com and these days we’re counting down our alternatives for the top 10 highest-grossing horror & scary movies of all  time for this listing we will be searching at the movies that delivered in the scares and the bucks while we are for the most section basing our listing on the stats of bloodless tough money we will be aside from animated films and direct sequels which may have been writing off the success of a previous movie franchises get the inexperienced mild on the other hand let us be aware of what your preferred blockbuster scare-fest is in the comments

10. The Mummy (1999)

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

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415 million 933 406 dollars if there is one factor that customary is acknowledged for it is monster films whilst the golden age commenced lower back in the early 1930s at the top of the 90s they dove lower back into the world of basic monsters in a huge way.

with a stellar solid (cast) love is some Brendan Fraser sharp using traditional appearance and tight motion sequences there is a lot to love on the pinnacle of that the movie by no means forgets its horror roots first mounted by way of the tremendous Boris Karloff.

with flesh-eating bugs, a rampaging mummy built of nightmare gas and collapsing sandy temples it has earned all the love it nonetheless receives accurate aspect they stopped and by no means made a sequel nope.

9. The Exorcist (1973)

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

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441 million three hundred and six thousand one hundred and forty-five dollars to say that the exorcist used to be a sensation upon launch is an understatement few demonic possession films have ever drawn crowds the way this one did.

audiences flocked in droves to get a glimpse if they should manage that a great deal to this day the exorcist stays one of the scariest films ever made and one of the most worthwhile these target audience numbers translated into money money money the oldest movie on our list it is essential to factor out the ticket costs for theaters used to be a lot decrease returned in the early 70s the number of stubs ripped to gross almost 1/2 a billion dollars international is simply impressive

8. Jaws(1975)

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470 million 653000 dollars in 1975 simply as present-day horror used to be starting to be viewed as a legit style in artwork structure a then little-known director named Steven Spielberg knocked it out of the park.

 jaws helped to launch what we are aware of as the summertime blockbuster altering the commercial enterprise mannequin of Hollywood and movie launch continuously for a duration it used to be no longer solely the absolute best-grossing horrifying film however the best possible grossing film overall.

like the exorcist, jaws stays horrifying and iconic and to be sincere who hasn’t swum around a pool lake or ocean aspect whilst buzzing the well-known tune Dona Dona donut

7.  Godzilla (2014)

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529 million seventy-six sixty-nine Dollars the thirtieth installment of this traditional franchise and the first of the legendary monster verse Godzilla got here again in a massive way.  whilst the collection has moved greater in the direction of the motion style these days Touhou’s a radioactive superhero is properly steeped in horror legacy launched in the mid-50s the place massive creature points have been all the rage backed via a wholesome dose of atomic worries Godzilla embodied japan’s fears of a nuclear disaster whilst different components of the world ought to only think about nuclear destruction japan knew firsthand the devastation as time has long gone on Godzilla has moved on from villain to anti-hero and a cautionary story in massive structure if the field workplace returns from the 2014 movie proved whatever it is that he is nonetheless the king in greater methods than one.

6. The Meg(2018)

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530 million 243 742 dollars this isn’t always your grandpa’s shark film this is the meg we get it no sea creature function can be jaws you comprehend what it can be higher you would possibly be asking however is this, in reality, a horror movie we do not make the classifications we simply study them as we see them however additionally suppose about it do you prefer to get eaten through a humongous shark, sounds highly horrifying to get your leg ripped off proper sharks are frightening even if wildly misunderstood in actual existence so this one about a swimming dinosaur receives to be a horror movie it additionally made a megalodon of cash positive it is an actual unit of dimension inform your friends

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

5. World War Z

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

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 540 million seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-six dollars if there may be one horror trope that dominated the early 2010s it was once zombies you could not throw a nail-studded bat barring hitting on a new blockbuster or franchise teeming with undead ghouls however whilst most zombie memories are founded in one locale or u. s . this adaptation of max brook’s best-selling novel takes matters to an international degree with a headliner like a Brad Pitt this film used to be primed for success and it did no longer disappoint with some of the quickest zombies in the horror canon and excellent in human pyramids this movie raced to field workplace success

the Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

4. I Am Legend (2007)

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

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585 million three hundred and forty 9 thousand ten dollars primarily based on the novel by way of horror legend Richard Matheson and beforehand tailored as the remaining man on earth and the omega man this mid-aughts post-apocalyptic horror curb thriller proved to be a container workplace legend.

a virologist is immune to the disorder that has decimated the tries made through the international populace to locate a therapy a precursor to the zombie craze to come will smith’s persona is remoted hunted and in a race towards time to assist survivors if there are any of the mutating viruses.

as of 2021, we’re especially positive we have all simply about had it with out-of-control viruses right

3. War Of The Worlds(2005)

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

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603 873 119 dollars  when Orson Welles broadcasted h.g wells alien invasion story over the radio waves in 1938 human beings freaked out many human beings actually believed that earth was once being invaded by means of aliens,

to be honest no one used to be organized for that type of drama returned then and if we sincerely idea that these aliens had been going around vaporizing humans properly we would possibly freak out too steven Spielberg’s battle of the worlds used to be horrifying in a unique way made in the course of a particularly uncertain time Spielberg determined a haunting center floor between sci-fi and actual world horror the absolute best-grossing horror movie of the aughts conflict of the worlds proved there used to be lots of lifestyles left in this ancient story

2. The Sixth Sense(1999)

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

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seventy 672 million eight hundred and six thousand two hundred and ninety-two dollars the pinnacle grossing horror movie of the twentieth century m night time Shyamalan’s ghost story has earned its area in the horror corridor of greats. the unique story boasted effective performances from bruce Willis, tony Collette, and Hayley Joel some now not to point out a notorious twist that no one noticed coming.

that ingenious twist was once one of the motives why audiences saved coming lower back in a world of slashers as exciting as they are the sixth sense dealt with moviegoers to some historic college delicate terror 20 plus years on the movie is as chilling these days as it used to be at the top of the final millennium

1. IT

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies

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700 381 748 dollars ever heard of a little creator named Stephen king let’s face it the entire world hats a new Stephen king renaissance climaxed in 2017 with this characteristic adaptation of his significant 1986 novel it the first movie on my own made almost a billion dollars international and almost that plenty once more when the sequel used to be launched in 2019.

at that factor,, many humans discovered what all steady readers have recognized for years Stephen king’s memories are without a doubt epic especially when in the fingers of humans who apprehend the material

this isTop 10 Highest-Grossing Horror & Scary Movies Of All Time do you agree with our preferences take a look at another latest submit from moviesvibes.com and comment which movie is your favorite.

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