Hello pals these days we’re going to appear at the new marvel team  that are coming to the MCU the universe is filling up with countless new characters in phase4 there had been already way too many heroes to manage in the endgame fighting

   and now we’re gonna see even extra of them stepping into the combine so it will emerge as extraordinarily challenging to supply each one of them a trilogy or a more than one season exhibit there will come to a factor the place surprise would divide these characters into more than one groups to proceed their journeys in these companies of the galaxy returned collectively once more and

already we can see the groundwork for a number of team-ups being laid down I imply there are so many groups coming to the MCU and it is pretty stunning that

        the Inhumans are no longer going to be amongst them it is due to the fact omit marvel’s foundation story is rumored to be altered she can also no longer be an inhuman at all k so first up we have

1.The Eternals

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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they are a team of super-powered immortal alien warriors created via the cosmic engineers recognized as celestials they have been despatched to earth to defend humankind from the deviants’ significant, creatures also created via the celestials that have long passed rogue they are MCU’s historic group of heroes and now the contributors of this crew will reunite in the existing day

The Thunderbolts or Dark Avengers

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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we’ve acknowledged for a whilst that the MCU is searching to come up with a thunderbolts group or a dark avengers squad if no longer each they’d be mc’s model of the suicide squad as their lineup is going to contain former villains.

the falcon and the winter soldier has already set up the thunderbolts with Baron Zemo being at the raft he’d probable be recruited through Thaddeus ross who will begin to collect the thunderbolts from black widow onwards ghost, abomination, and taskmaster are rumored to be part of this team

and it is additionally feasible that  US agent may end up a phase of this lineup or he should go on to lead the dark avengers if the MCU plans to carry each these groups to lifestyles

my hypothesis for the different participants of the dark avengers encompass Agatha Harkness, Norman Osborne, Matt Gargan, Elena Bulova, and white vision

The New Avengers 

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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it is apparent that at some factor in time the avengers will truly reassemble even though it will be a totally new lineup this time around

                     we might have thor, valkyrie, and the mighty thor I anticipate Captain Marvel, Monica Rambo, Miss Marvel, spider-man, doctor strange, black panther, and Okoye to be a section of the squad both ant-man or the wasp ought to proceed if now not each of them

             the scarlet witch must rejoin them alongside with the white wolf and their leaders must be none different than Sam Wilson is Captain America

Young Avengers

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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even although the setups for the younger avengers are very refined proper now I’m certain that this adolescence crew is absolutely headed the way we’ve got already viewed billy and Tommy in Wanda-vision

Eli Bradley confirmed up in the salmon bucky exhibit he may want to perchance be part of the crew as nicely America Chavez will crew up with the younger weapons after Docter Strange 2.

Catherine newton’s cassie lang will sincerely be a phase of it after she will become a hero in ant-man three even RiRi Williams should be part of the crew and I assume that kate bishop should be the chief of the squad for the reason that she is the sole one who’d be skilled via an Og. avenger

Fantastic Four

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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the MCU may additionally or can also no longer have set up the arrival of the Fantastic 4 with one division however I assume that they actually provide us a few clues in spider-man no way Home simply like they did and Far From Home it is due to the fact the spider-man trilogy director john watts will be directing the upcoming Fantastic 4 films.

                           so he’d virtually provide us something for the Fantastic 4 if now not a cameo from one or greater individuals of the group itself. these is a new marvel team that are coming to the  mcu

Midnight Suns

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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marvel is eventually tapping into the dark supernatural topics like vampires and different huge creatures  doctor strange may want to be the one who starts the midnight sun’s lineup the likes of ghost rider, moon knight, and blade

ought to come to be a phase of the squad if it had been up to me I’d additionally add daredevil, punisher, and even Deadpool to this lineup however let’s see what Marvel is going to provide us


The Sinister Six


New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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spider-man no way Home is going to supply upward thrust to the sinister six for positive we should see a sinister six lineup full of spider-man villains current inside the MCU they may want to encompass scorpion ,vulture, Mysterio, chameleon, shocker and MCU’s norman Osborne

        or as the current rumors have advised we should have a multiverse model of the sinister six led via William Defoe’s norman Osborne aka green goblin the different contributors of the crew may want to consist of doc ock, electro, sandman, rhino, and lizard sure

i comprehend that most of them are useless in their respective universes however they are all rumored to return in any way let’s see if sony provides Venomverse characters to the multiverse lineup as nicely

the another new marvel team that are coming to the mcu

The Spiders

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU


               speakme of the multiverse we are surely getting a live-action spider-verse spider-man no way home is noticeably predicted due to the fact of its workable to carry tom holland, Toby Maguire, and Andrew Garfield collectively and even even though the actors maintain denying a spider-verse crew up

most of us consider that it will appear who is aware of even miles morales would possibly be part of the team later in the game.

the marvels

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU

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carol Danvers, Monica Rambo, and Kamala khan will be a part of the new avengers however earlier than that, they crew up as the marvels in the captain Marvel sequel

             it would be fascinating to see if blue Marvel additionally joins their team

As Guardians Of The Galaxy 


avengers endgame had already set up these guardians of the galaxy lineup by using mixing thor alongside with the guardians however now we are ultimately going to see them in action throughout thor love and thunder

this group may additionally now not be collectively for a lengthy length of time however let’s hope that these guardians of the galaxy will have a massive continue to be in love and thunder.

Guardians 3000.

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I leave out you guys and guardians of the galaxy vol two added the authentic guardians 3000 collectively this group consists of Sylvester Stallone Starhawk, Elita Ogord, charlie 27, martin x, mainframe, and Krueger

                   Yondu was once additionally a section of this unique group and now we are going to in all likelihood see the guardians 3000 return in a future MCU project

The Mutants

New Marvel Team That Are Coming To The MCU


Kevin Feige has tested that Marvel is growing a movie with the mutants this movie need to actually provide us our first x-men lineup Deadpool may also or may additionally now not be a part of them

however wolverine should virtually exhibit up with the likes of professor x, cyclops, MArvel girl, iceman, storm, kitty pride, gambit, and archangel.

The Winter Guard

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the upcoming black widow film is going to add Natasha Romanov to her historic household squad Alexa Shostakov, melena Vostikov and Elena Bulova are set to group up in opposition to taskmaster however very lately David Harper noted that black widow would convey us the winter guard which is essentially the Russian model of the avengers

  as harbor’s caption states the group will consist of Ursa Major who is a mutant bear reportedly performed by means of Oliver Richards then there may be a crimson dynamo who’s the counterpart for iron man David harper additionally noted sputnik and others to be a phase of the squad

now the winter gurad may additionally no longer get a large function to play in black widow however we should get a future undertaking based totally on their crew which may also be a prequel or a sequel to black widow

the one more new marvel team that are coming to the mcu


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              we can also no longer get this crew proper now however it has to appear in the far away future this squad consists of the leaders and the fundamental participants of other marvel groups in the comics iron man, professor x, Mr Fantastic, black bolt, namer and  doctor strange odd have been the core contributors of this crew.

however considering the fact that iron man is long gone and black bolt will in all likelihood be a no-show the MCU ought to have professor x, Docter strange, Mr fantastic, Neymar the new black panther and one of the Eternals in the squad

well here are some new marvel team that are coming to the mcu

which of these groups would you like to see in motion let us understand in the remarks and share with your buddies you loved this be positive to take a look at out greater on our website?

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