Phase three confirmed a gradual transition toward having a lot extra numerous Cinematic Universe. But now, Marvel is sincerely taking the total variety agenda to the subsequent degree with Eternals & different Phase four projects. In Phase 3, Doctor Strange started with this pass by involving a gender-swap and humans of exceptional ethnicities. Then Black Panther, Ant-Man, and the Wasp & Captain Marvel endured with extra range merchandising elements.

The one aspect that lets in this is the Gender-swapping of some of the comedian e-book characters. Marvel has clearly used this pass to their advantage. There are six situations of gender swaps in the MCU. Here are all the characters that are adult males in the comics however have been growing to become girls inside the MCU for SJW reasons and to make the testimonies better:



First appearance -The Avengers #195 (May 1980)

Movie- Black Widow (2021)

Taskmaster is a very popular and strong villain in the comics who appears in many events in the comics with Avengers, Deadpool, spider-man, thunderbolts, etc. the character was introduced in the MCU as the main villain in Black widow movies but, what we saw taskmaster is a woman…

yes! this is a 7th Gender-Swapped Character in the MCU because in the comics taskmaster is a very strong and dangerous male character known as Anthony “Tony” Masters but in the MCU the female version of taskmaster named Antonia Dreykov played by Kurylenko


The Ancient One

Gender-Swapped Characters in the MCU


First Appearance- Strange Tales #110 (July 1963)

Movie- Doctor strange

This used to be an extraordinarily sensible selection on the section of Marvel as they have been capable to use Tilda Swinton’s appearing capabilities very cleverly. She seemed like the Ancient One in Doctor Strange and Avengers: Endgame, and should return in Doctor Strange two. But, if Marvel would have accompanied the comics, they would have forged an ancient Asian actor with a long beard for the role. Imagine Dumbledore, however slimmer. the character is a male in the comics.

Gender-Swapped Characters in the MCU



Gender-Swapped Characters in the MCU


First Appearance- Iron Man #219 (June 1987)

Movie – Ant-man and the wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp accompanied the Doctor Strange pattern. Ghost was once a male in the comics however Ant-Man and the Wasp delivered Hannah John-Kamen as Ava Starr. Even although we haven’t spent a lot of time with her character, we comprehend that her arc in the MCU isn’t complete. To date, her destiny is dangling as a cliffhanger. But rumors propose that she will return in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as a phase of the Thunderbolts and maybe in the ant-man and the wasp: Quantumania

Karl Morgenthau

Gender-Swapped Characters in the MCU


First Appearance- Captain America  #312 (Dec 1985).

MCU- falcon and the winter soldier

in the recent MCU Disney plus show falcon and the winter soldier we saw an anti-nationalist supervillains group called The Flag-Smasher and the leader of this is Karli Morgenthau. The Flag-Smasher using terrorism to spread anti-nationalist sentiment all over the world.  in the comics, Karli Morgenthau is a male character named Karl Morgenthau who appeared as a villain in so many comics in marvel. but in the MCU Karl Morgenthau is a female character played by actress Erin Kellyman. the character is a super soldier  




First Appearance-Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (December 1967)

Movie- Captian marvel

In the comics, Mar-Vell aka Dr. Walter Lawson was once a male. He used to be the authentic Captain Mar-Vell, whose title used to be later taken by way of Carol Danvers. Initially, we thinking that Jude Law used to be solid as Mar-Vell, however, it grew to become out that he used to be the villainous Yon Rogg. Annette Bening on the different hand performed a gender-swapped model of Mar-Vell aka Dr. Wendy Lawson. It used to be a cool twist that linked with the Supreme Intelligence as well. it’s exciting to see that her character will return in the marvels ( captain marvel 2) or not and maybe we see the original captain marvel, who knows



Gender-Swapped Characters in the MCU
First Appearance- The Eternals #2 (August 1976),
Movies- The Eternals  (2021)

Ajak is the chief of Eternals and he is additionally a male persona in the comics. But, we’d see a lady model of Ajak on the huge display as Salma Hayek is portraying her. Ajak is a notable hand-to-hand combatant and a plot leak has recommended that she will have an exclusive capacity that will enable her to heal others. the upcoming MCU movies will be on 4 November 2021 let’s see how many changers in this character marvel did.



Gender-Swapped Characters in the MCUphoto:

first appearance – The Eternals (1976–78)
movies- The Eternals  (2021)

In Eternals, Makkari will be the first-ever stay motion Superhero who is deaf. Comic e-book readers are conscious that Makkari is a male, however, we’d see a woman model of the persona in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lauren Riddloff has been solid to play the speedster amongst the Eternals. Since the MCU doesn’t have a lady speedster, this go will show to be very wise.




First Appearance-The Eternals #9 (March 1977)
Movies- The Eternals  (2021)
This Eternal is caught in a child’s physique as she can’t grow. Sprite is a grasp illusionist and a trickster. Imagine an immortal child Loki. She is some other one of MCU’s gender swaps as Sprite is a male in the comics. Lia McHugh is supposed to play the personality in Eternals subsequent year. Marvel should have a lot of excitement with Sprite in particular.

this is Gender-Swapped Characters in the MCU presently Let’s see which characters will be gender-swapped in upcoming MCU movies and shows.

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